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For a huge number of clients Comcast offers telecommunication devices & services. It would be no amazement if you are utilizing a router with Comcast. If you wish to find out how to login in your Comcast router? speculating what is the default password & IP address of Comcast gadget? Let’s go thru this editorial together &in the last part you will get all this information learn by heart & perhaps your Comcast router configuration screen opened ahead of you.

Want to login on Comcast router don’t know how?

The process is easy to login into the router. Mostly3 steps will complete the task. Simply obey them:

  • From the Comcast router to your PC link to your Ethernet cables. (You may also use the wireless networks, still it is suggested to utilise the hardwired Ethernet connections).Router login Comcast
  • Open your favourite browser &insert, or, in the address bar. This is most common default IP address of Comcast. If this address be unsuccessful, you must validate your Comcast handbook. The correct IP address is expected to be there. One more option is to carry out the below process: (just for windows)
  • Click Win-R & write cmd. To open the window Command Prompt Click the enter button.
  • Write ipconfig & click the enter button.
  • A list with info on your connection gadgets will be appeared. Under the Ethernet adapter look for Default Gateway.
  • In the login webpage write the password & user ID. Unless you’ve altered the user admin or PW, you may write the default values. For admin Comcast default values are:
  • Admin
  • User
  • Root
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    Usual default PWs are:

  • Password
  • Highspeed
  • Motorola
  • Icu4at!
  • You will be taken to the configuration webpage once writing the login IDs. Now you will control your networks& router settings &alter it as you want. Keep in mind to set up a strong &new PW for the router.
  • If the default Ids don’t work for you, who may be since you are utilising particular or another router brand. Examine the router guide book or for more info contact Comcast support.

    More usual, you almost absolutely altered the PW long ago& simply don’t remember it. In such situation there is a simple technique to resolve this issue. Find it out in the succeeding session.

  • Find Default Router Username and Password List

    2WIREHOMEPORTAL Rev. SBC YAHOO! DSL(none)2Wire(none)

    What if your router isn’t on the new factory settings?

    For using the default login Ids it is compulsory that the router didn’t have the initial PW modified. If you have set up a new PW previously still don’t recall it now, to its original factory settings you must reset the router.

    This is an easy process. All you require doing is to click the reset key of your router gadget. It is vital to keep the key pushed for 10 secs or more so as to confirm that the initial settings were resettled.

    Once you did this, the login Ids would be the previous default ones. Explore on the opening session of this editorial how they appear like. Now there’s nobody stopping you from retrieving your router’s settings.

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