is one of the most known IP addresses that is used for the router management panel. This is a specific IP address that works within a particular network and also implied in various networking devices like routers, modem, IoT devices, webcams, and DVRs. It has also some data that is confined that they originally exist on any individual networks and thus known as the reserved IP address as well.

Login Admin Panel:

Using the specific IP address, if you want to access your router’s admin panel, should follow the following steps:

  1. First, you should open any browser from Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Copy and paste the specific address as mentioned into the address bar of the browser and click on the enter button. Your correct IP address will send you directly to your page.
  2. Now, you’ll have to enter your user name and password created for your router. Here, if you don’t know about your user name and password, visit our name and password list before proceeding. However, you can also change the setting of your device like DNS, LAN, WLAN, and Proxy etc.
Not able to Connecting with

If you're trying to connect with but not have become successful yet, try the following steps that might help you:

  1. Firstly, you should make sure that you’ve entered the correct IP address in your search bar. Some subtle error may cause to produce hardship while going to login like the inclusion of o instead of 0 and removing any point from the IP address. You should also know that an IP address is made only using the digits not letters. Still, if you’re unable to recognize the correct address, use our address mention in the link below.
  2. Sometimes, there may be any flaw in the setting of your browser so you should also use the different IP addresses in the same browser that will differentiate between accessing and non-accessing points.

If you’ve forgotten the Router’s Username and Password:

Find Default Router Username and Password List


Once you don’t remember the username and password of your router can use our list of default usernames and password that drastically help you out to access the particular internet protocol address. Thus choosing one of these usernames and passwords, you can easily access this IP address and if you’ve not created it, can login the router admin panel in this way.

For accessing the particular IP address, you should go to the factory settings by which you’ll able to login with your default password.

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