is a private IP address. It is usually assigned devices inside a local network. However, it can also be assigned to routers that help the admin to help access the default gate away.With available manual ways you can assign it to television, phone, desktop computer, chrome cast or your laptop.

Uses of

It can be used when changing settings of your router. Just like when changing master settings of a device you need to input original credentials. This address is known as the default IP address. It`s what you enter before changing your routers settings.

It can be used to take you to the admin panel. Every router has its own interface. Being familiar with what interface is can save you from making changes in settings of your router that may be irreversible. You are advised to get familiar with interface first to avoid the above mentioned mistake.

There are a wide range of features available inside the router`s admin panel are immense. Some of the settings you can change are passwords, username, and many more. You can also change the SSID and other things directly related to its security.

How to log into

logging in is vital when it comes to accessing routers default gate away page. One thing to keep in mind concerning the WIFI network you`ll use to make changes is make sure you can get access or stay connected to that internet enabled devise on which you will be doing the changes.

Steps to access

• Open your local browser. You can use any browser but the most recommended is chrome. It’s a stable browser that has no virus.

• Enter in the search bar where you always enter your address when using the browser. However, before doing do make sure you are putting in the correct IP to be used when accessing your default router log in IP address. Another way to be sure is having it checked from the manufactures website for you.

• You can change the IP address if you want to because of address clash. Here are ways to do so; Using the web page settings Open the web browser and enter the IP address of your router in the search bar. Admin is the default user name and the password is blank click log in. Click on the setup then network setting Under the routers setting, type the new IP address and subnet mask. Click on save settings. Using the set up OCD.

Problems faced while logging into

• Forgetting the IP address. Always note or write your IP address somewhere you can`t forget and keep the note safely. Man is to error so it`s okay to forget. Always have it jotted somewhere.

• Connection error Always check if your connection is secure.

• Check the proxy firewall At times the connection is blocked because the proxy firewall ma assumeits not a secure connection. Always disable the proxy firewall.

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