Recover Router Username and Password

Recover Router Username and Password:

You’ll have a lot of accounts and it has been mandatory in the internet or digital era where you want to maintain the security of your account always so you go to make a concrete password that can provide the best security of your account. So sometimes, you forget to remember the username and password of your router. Here, we’re going to provide you the method by which you can easily login your router even after forgetting the username and password:

  1. First, if you’ve not created the username and password of your router’s account yet, you can use the default username and password. You can also check the sticker given on the bottom side of your router where the username and password can be found easily. Router’s manual also gives you an option to know your default username and password. Besides, you can also choose the default username and password through our list.
  2. Second, you can also reset the password of your router that will make able to access the particular page. It’s applicable only when you’ve changed your username and password earlier. Resetting the router, you’ll be resetting the factory settings and you’ll have to go on the back side of the router to follow the exact process and where press the button for about 10-20 seconds that reset your factory settings.

Find Default Router Username and Password List


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