Your login window has special fields. These special fields you can enter your log in and password respectively.

Not so many people know this. But you enter the address to the TP link administration. Incase you are the owner the best variant comes when you enter admin panel for the first time.  This gives you the advantage to use the default user name and password.  The default user name is often admin as well as the password. Sometimes the default password and login have been changed earlier. This will not give you the access using the default admin and  password. In this case you can either reset your router or find a new log in.

Incases where the tplinkwifi is not available

If you are hit by the site not b found when first logging in, don’t panic. Here is how to go through the process;

  • Use chrome which is mostly preferred,( you can also use other browsers like mozilla), open the browser.
  • Type in the browser. Incase you face the same problem twice you`ll have to type or one of then has to be right and deal with the problem , if not then the problem is something else.

Sometimes this does not work and that not the end of what you can do, here the things you must be sure of;

  • Check if all the light on your computer are on
  • The network adapter , make sure it has no problems.
  • Check if the wireless connections are connected correctly.
  • Check if the is correctly entered in the address bra.

If all the above  are okay then just reset your router. if the problem exists; try these

Method one

Try a different browser

Clear all the cache and history on your browser and try again.

Method two

In cases where you have received a message from the chances are that you have cached the public IP address .Clear your browser history and cache and try again.

You can use a different browser or device.

Method three

You are advised to disconnect all your internet and vpn connections incase they are connected and only wired ones are connected to the link router.

Method four

Restart your desktops, or phones used to access Power cycle your router and modem too. Press the button of your tp-link router twice to restart.

Method five

Temporarily disable your virus and firewalls. This is because they might think the tp link is not safe and blocks it.

Method six

Incase all the above methods fail, you might consider resetting your outer to factory settings. This puts it back to factory settings meaning even the before settings are restored to factory settings.

You can also TP link support to trouble shoot your issue. In cases where all the above methods including the Tp link support have failed you might consider talking to an expert. Sometimes experts know better.

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